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Our Religion | Morocco Adventurers

Our Religion

Morocco is an Islamic country (approximately 99% of the country are Muslims). Muslims are expected to pray 5 times per day, with the first call to prayer at dawn, when the call to prayer nowadays coming from speakers on the minaret of the mosque.

Friday is the Muslim holy day and shops or market stalls are likely to close around mid-day.

Muslims are not expected to drink alcohol (though you may find alcohol available), eat pork (available for tourists), or expose their bodies.

During the month of Ramadan, which does not coincide with a particular calendar month when its date moves forward approximately 10 days each year, Muslims do not eat, drink or smoke during the day. They are however tolerant of non-Muslims or tourists who feel the need to eat. Most places are likely to be quieter than usual during the day in Ramadan, with many restaurants being closed and shops having removed alcohol from the shelves. Things will come to life in the evening.

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